Cigar Rights of America News Letter

Cigar Rights of America News Letter


August 25, 2016



California Cigar Voters

Vote No On Proposition 56

A Tax Increase On Premium Cigars


Dear Cigar Voters and Great American Cigar Shops of California:


Take action now.  Say NO to California Prop 56 and stop the tax increase on premium cigars.


74 days remain between now and election day, and it is critical that the cigar voters and community retail tobacconists of California organize in opposition to Proposition 56.  This regressive tax increase will only harm local small businesses and consumers in the state of California.


California is unique in that it bases its OTP tax on the rate of taxation on cigarettes. As a result of this unique formula, if Proposition 56 passes in November the rate of taxation on premium cigars in California will increase to 69.2% of the wholesale cost, as opposed to the current rate of 28.13%.


Proposition 56 is an effort to extract $1.6 billion annually from the pocketbooks of California small businesses and their patrons.


Take action now.  It is time to organize your local cigar shops, lounges, clubs, and fellow cigar enthusiasts to defeat Proposition 56.


Please click here, for an infographic to use at the point of sale or to share with your patrons and friends that encourages cigar voters to defeat Proposition 56.


For more information on Proposition 56, please click here.